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Raspberry Pi Gpio Pins Diagram

This gpio pinout is designed to be both a quick and interactive reference to the raspberry pi gpio pins plus a comprehensive guide to your raspberry pis gpio interfaces. These pins are to communicate with other circuitry such as extension boards custom circuits and much more.

Raspberry Pi Gpio Tutorial Teach Me Microcontrollers

A raspberry pi gpio layout pi 1 model ab revision 2 to find out what board revisions you have take a look at my guide to finding out your pcb revision number.

Raspberry pi gpio pins diagram. Diese gpio anschlussbelegung ist nicht zum ausdrucken gedacht aber sie ist ein umfassender leitfaden und eine tolles nachschlagewerk für die gpio pins deines raspberry pis. This offers and increase of 14 pins over the 26 pin header on the original raspberry pi. Raspberry pi 11 gpio pinout diagram die schlaue beschriftung am gpio.

In diesem tutorial steuern wir diese input output pins über ein programm. In this raspberry pi gpio tutorial we are going to take a look at all the basics of the gpio pins or also know as the general purpose input and output pins. One of the most significant changes to the raspberry pi model b is the 40 pin header j8.

Eine der besonderheiten des pis sind die programmierbaren raspberry pi gpio pins. Raspberry pi 3 model b gpio 40 pin block poe header pinout. If youre looking for the new raspberry pi 3 model b then you can find that here.

In diesem tutorial steuern wir diese input output pins über ein programm. Häufig muss man wiederkehrend dinge am gpio des raspberrypi anschliessen. Der umfassende leitfaden zur raspberry pi gpio anschlussbelegung jetzt auch zum raspberry pi model b und raspberry pi 2.

The comprehensive gpio pinout guide for the raspberry pi. The white pins were previously dnc do not connect as they were reserved for future use. The 5v power pins are connected directly to the pis power input and will capably provide the full current of your mains adaptor less that used by the pi itself.

Weve provided some basic examples to help you discover possible uses for your raspberry pi and to get started with software available in raspbian. Graphic showing the gpio pin breakout on the raspberry pi 3 model b.

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